Friday, May 10, 2013

Step One!

It amazing how ideas and dreams can come to life when you put yourself in a position to make them happen.    I have lived in kenosha for 18 years, wondering why there is not a store specifically for runners,  cities much smaller than Kenosha have similar stores.  So when technology and timing combined, was born in April 2013.  This is a Amazon Associate Partnership Store, which means I can select as many high quality products from all the products listed on Amazon, create a store and extend to you all the running gear you need and WANT!  

Another passion, dream and desire of mine has been coaching cross country and track.   I coached previously while living in Indiana at Hanover Jr - Sr High School  and Lowell Middle School in the late 80's and early/ mid 90's.   After my son Quin, became interested in running cross country in the middle of his freshman soccer season, the door was open.    I have been coaching cross country and track and Kenosah Christian Life School for the past two years.  Loving every moment!

I will be sharing the the progress of the Kenosha Running Company, Coaching at CLS and some of my own running adventures in Future Blogs....  I intend to post one blog per week over the weekend.

Thank you for your time and interest....   I can be reached anytime at

My best,  Brian Thomas

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  1. The one thing you need to do more closely read your own writing....note to self!!!! An editor I am not....but will get better!!!