Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Track Seasonis in the Books!

The first varsity track season at Christian Life School is now in the books.   I had one boy qualify for state in  the 1600 meters, he was the 4th seed in a race of 16 runners.  It was a great race to watch, as they went out in a herd, bumping and pushing all finding their position on the track for a slow first lap.   As the race progressed my runner found himself in last place at which point he started to make his move,   moving his way through the field over the next  lap he put himself in a position to start his kick.   In the end he passed twelve runners to finish 4th and earn his place on the podium!   

As I have found myself winding down from the track, I am also ramping up for cross country season!   We have started our captians' practices this week, with great turnouts both days.   In addition to the high school runners, I have started a middle school XC team for 2013 and excited to see so many middle schoolers at practice and many parents are also coming to the work outs and joining in on the fun!     Will be a great summer of XC running and team activities, as we have road races on the schedule, two Christian Concerts on the calendar and several team parties!

I ran the Racine Lighthouse 10 miler  over this past weekend, which was a last minute decision as I was signing up my son!   I have only been running twice a week at best the past 3-4 weeks.  I have been running this race since 1995, but this would be the first time I would be running it to only enjoy it.  Running the first mile in 8:26, allowed my knees to get a little warmed up and by mile two (8:09) was feeling decent and then a voice  called my name as I was passing another runner.   I slowed down and waited, it was a friend and we started to talk and we ran together the next eight miles, was at a pace a little slower than I planned, but was a perfect pace, conversation and race. 

The is coming along, as I have mentioned previously, we are currently an Amazon Associate partner and I have put a great store together of all types of running related products; books, videos, nutrition, shoes, clothing, etc....  when time permits do a little window shopping!

thanks for sharing a few minutes and until our next run...  have some fun!