Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Where do I start!

Has been a couple weeks since my first blog attempt, lets hope this one goes a little smoother! 

This is my first season coaching a varsity boys and girls track team and dealing with all the season ending track meets, trying to get in quality work outs and keeping my kids healthy!   When you have a small and diverse team the challenges and the enjoyments are many.   This team was filled with many first year athletes finding there way,  regional champ, sectional qualifiers and our first state qualifier.  He will run on June 1st, competing in the 1600m, where he is the 4th seed.

Even thou the track season is not over, I had our first cross country meeting last Tuesday, and was very excited to see so many new faces and to announce we would have our first middle school cross country team!  We have a great summer running and workout program planned for all abilities and several fun team activities in the works. Will be a great summer!

I have been running for 39 years and for most of those years I was always been training for something, a road race, track meet, marathon, ultra or a triathlon....now at 51 with less than a happy knee, I find myself not training for anything!   I do not need to have a goal to run and work out, but the willingness to push myself during runs and workouts is lacking.  So I am looking for the next challenge......  

Has been about a month since I introduced  www.kenosharunningcompany.com  and still finding my way and having  some fun with it.   We are an Amazon Partner and have selected all the products a runner would desire!!!  From great shoes to chia seeds and yes everything in between!   So when you are looking for running related products, stop by our site and give us a try.   I would love to open a store in Kenosha at some point in the future and this is a way to see if a market for these products is out there.

Would enjoy hearing from you,   kenosharunningco@gmail.com

until our next run together!  Brian Thomas

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